Breath of Henna

Spotlight on: Sarah Hussain, Breath of Henna

Sarah is an Artist, Stylist, Art Director, and professional Henna Artist. 

When we met with Sarah, she truly inspired us with her passion for advocacy for her communities and her artistic practice in henna. What was most striking to us, was her love of practicing henna as a form of healing and self love. We asked her to share with us some of her art.


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Beneath the Veil - Ready for your love from Breath of Henna
Art Director/Stylist/Henna: @breathofhenna

Photographer: @hennygraphy | MUA: | Muse: @mommaniks | Videographer: @naserkazmi

My work represents an assemblage of ideas that resonate within a given cultural landscape.

Through my art direction, certain narratives are exposed, unearthing what dogmas existed before us and how we continue to redefine them. The challenge remains; a realm where history and its antiquities can coalesce. Together our ecological footprint holds the basis of our existence. My purpose is to present content that steers away from divisive labels, but rather one that comes together in unison with we, the people and mother earth. Styling directs the physical sensation of pushing and pulling colour throughout a photo series where Henna allows me to verse the narratives in design.

As a South Asian woman born and raised in Canada, my layers are emerged in a flood of diasporic-elements. It is necessary for us to be bare to shed all that we wear. To allow our bodies and minds to bask in the light of pure confrontation within ourselves. Now is the time.


'Warrior' Henna for Inspiring and Healing

2014: Recycled materials and natural henna

Model: @maggiemaetaylor | Photographer: @euphoricgenic | Art Director/Stylist/Henna: @breathofhenna

2014: Black MAC body paint
Model: @kellethcuthbert | Photographer: @piccolima | Art Director/Stylist/Henna: @breathofhenna | Muse:@mommaniks

Contest Winner for Majestic Mehndi Contest 2014 (All over Canada)

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