Hong Kong Collection

Since its founding, Panther Daze Designs has been based in both Toronto and Hong Kong. Naturally, our second collection is inspired by and pays homage to the incomparable city of Hong Kong.

HK is an urban financial centre, boasting the most skyscrapers in the world. It consists of a highly diverse geography and a collection of uncharted outer islands. It was formerly a British colony, and now an autonomous territory under China with “two systems”. It’s disparate and ever-changing.

This is our home.

For the urban, city-loving, night-crawling panthers. For the wild, adventurous, and dangerous panthers. For the thoughtful, patient, and quiet panthers. This collection is for you.

Welcome to Hong Kong.

Panther Daze Designs是在多倫多及香港創辦的品牌, 代表著優雅、獨立、忠貞、搗蛋、瘋狂及神秘。我們的第二系列靈感來自香港這個城市, 帶出香港無與倫比的特色。

香港是一個聚集不同文化的國際金融中心, 坐擁世界著名的摩天大樓、擁有多樣性的地理面貌。這裡曾是英國的殖民地, 現在是在中國以一國兩際管治下的自治領土, 是一個迥然不同、千變萬化的城市。


不同文化的、愛香港的、夜生活的你; 狂野的、愛挑戰的、危險的你; 關愛的、有耐性的、靜靜的你; 這是為你們而設的一個系列。
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