About Us

Panthers represent Elegance, Independence, Loyalty, Mischief, Ferocity, and Strength.

Panther Daze Designs is an independent specialty lingerie brand aiming to promote body and sex positivity, self-love and healthy diverse conversations on sexuality.

Our story goes…

Deb became fascinated with lingerie in high school while watching Season 2 of Project Runway. Over the years, Deb would design and create lingerie for personal wear, and had dreams of designing a whole collection, but never found the impetus to do so until receiving incredible encouragement from social media followers to pursue this grand ol' dream.
Shortly after, the brand was born in two cities simultaneously when Deb (Toronto) and Doe (Hong Kong) were chatting online and dreaming of the possibilities.
Panther Daze Designs is the direct result of online friends and communities coming together, and is proud to call the internet its home.

All of our items are handmade with love in Deb's studio and made to order, unless otherwise indicated. We make everything with quality materials and hold our products to high standards. 
We know that some days we all feel like our best sexy selves, while other days we feel bloated, some days we eat super healthy, while other days we're going to eat the entire cake and then some, some days we want to wear more clothes, and other days we want to be in our birthday suits. Our challenge with mass-produced lingerie is having the industry tell our bodies to fit into a certain mold. Panther Daze Designs’ distinctive defining feature is its adjustability - to be that perfect fit any and all the time.

Panther Daze Designs is the love child of Deb (designer), Dorcas (Doe) Chiu (branding and social media), Alex Arsenych-De Castro (blogger and vendor manager), and Emma Monet (community blog and content curator).

Love and Gratitude,
Deb, Doe, Alex, and Emma