This is a guide we've created to help you take your own measurements. 

To order any and all of the products in our store, you will want to know your NECK, BUST (or CHEST), UNDERBUST, WAIST, HIPS, THIGH, and CALF measurements.

Take a measuring tape and gently do as Deb is doing in the reference photo to take your measurements.


For your bust (or chest), hip, thigh, and calf measurements, you'll want to measure the fullest part of that body part.

*Note that we measure all our garments in CM. We'll accept any imperial or metric measurement, but we'll like you more if you use centimetres - we're based in HK and TO after all*

 If you don't own a tape measure, you can print out the image below or find another printable tape measure online.

Please note that for this tape measure to be accurate, it must be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper and you will need to make sure all options are unchecked when printing (with maybe the exception of "print outside the margins").

To assemble the tape measure, cut along the dotted lines and tape, line up the pieces, and then tape them all together.


The women's international sizing chart below is to serve as a reference only. We're working on offering a men's international sizing chart too.

XS S M L XL 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X
NECK 33 35.5 38 40 43 46
BUST/CHEST 78-80 82 86 90-94 96-101 104-112 114-122 124-132 134-142 144-152
UNDERBUST 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110
WAIST 61-63 61-66 66-73 73-81 81-89 88-94 94-107 107-117 117-127 127-137
HIPS 83-86 87-90 91-95 96-100 101-104 105-117 111-127 122-137 132-147 142-158
THIGH 35-55 49-64 56-70 61-73 70-92 80-102
CALF 28-38 31-42 34-46 37-50 46-56